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Finding your balance in exercise

Starting off can be hard. Not knowing where to begin with options like cardio, weight training, group classes and more. We look around us at the gym and see very advanced people weight training and then look over to the cardio equipment to see it filled with people as well. For some life can be very sedentary stuck behind an office desk all day and others it can be very busy running from one errand to the next. So where do we begin, what is right for us, and how do we find out?

Moving your body is most important of all so whether you chose to power walk around your neighborhood, go for a long distance run, jump on a piece to cardio equipment or weight train, any of these options are better than nothing at all.

Here's what I suggest to help you determine what works best for you. First, and most importantly I recommend deciding what your current goal is. I suggest picking one that is not overwhelming to reach, maintainable and realistic for your lifestyle. Future goals can change as you reach each goal and reevaluate your life and what works for you. Next, I highly suggest hiring a personal trainer to help show you how to perform exercises properly, gain stabilization strength to avoid injuries and help keep you accountable. Remember ultimately you are committing to yourself so this accountability keeps the will power in full gear. Not always does the extra expense of a personal trainer fit the budget, luckily there are many great online training programs that will guide you with a fraction of the cost. Look for one that provides videos and explanations on how to properly perform each exercise. Try joining a few group classes at the gym to see if that area interest you. Soon you will find the area that you enjoy most that will motivate you to stay on track until you are ready for a new change.

Now what do you do on days you are just feeling blah? Here's what I tell my clients and practice myself. If you typically workout for 30 minutes then tell yourself you only have to commit to half that time so 15 minutes in this circumstance. Pick a workout you've done before to make it easier to get started. Set the clock for half the time and start your training. Once the time is up ask yourself, do you have more in you? If the answer is yes, then keep training for your full normal time. Typically, you will find you have more to give but not always will that be the case and that's ok. Allow exercise to be your self-care time and do not treat it like torture, treat it like your little escape. Turn on your favorite music, if you don't have any or need ideas ask around for advice. One of my favorite things to do is listen to podcast that allow me to get deep in thought while I train and drown out the world around me.

Most importantly above all is that you set a goal for you not anyone else. It's easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and how they look. What may be feasible for them may not be feasible for you and that is OK. We all go through seasons in our life and that season is our season not anyone else's you do not need to justify your self-care. Remember you are worth every effort you put into yourself because you are just as valuable as the next person.

Time to go master your balance and set your own success.

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